The Big “May” Update

Hey, Guys!

How are you all doing? I haven’t published a post in quite a while; 3 plus weeks to be precise. I have been giving myself grief for not being punctual with my posts. I’m sorry for not following up with my posts. But, there’s a lot of exciting news from my end πŸ˜€

Today, I’m going to list out the major events that took place this past month. As the days (and weeks) go by, I’ll publish more in-depth posts regarding each piece of awesomeness that has happened and will continue to happen.

Without much ado, here are the most exciting things that happened in May 2017.

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The Big β€˜25’ Wish List

21 days to 25.

Confused? Let me explain.

It’s my birthday in 21 days; three weeks to be precise.

On May 10, I will turn 25 years old.

Yes, I will officially be a quarter of a century old. I will also enter my mid-twenties.

I’m both thrilled and horrified.

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