My Truth

I’m not okay!

I’m struggling; to wake up in the morning.

I’m struggling; to keep portraying my chosen character.

I’m struggling; to find hope amidst all the chaos.

I’m struggling; to believe that I matter.

I’m struggling; to continue living my life.

I’m struggling; to breathe.

I want to give up.

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Seeking Clarity Amidst Chaos

It’s been six months since I quit my job and returned home. So far, it’s been an up and down ride.

On the positive front, I’m healthy and mostly free of illness, I’ve lost 10 kg since June, my bestie & I have become super close and I finally started this blog.

On the negative front, there were a lot of fights at home, depression struck again and my dad & I no longer speak to each other.

It has definitely been an interesting ride.

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