A Week Down Memory Lane

It seems just yesterday that they kissed,

And expressed their love for each other.

Deep, intense, passionate.

Temperatures soared,

But lines weren’t crossed.

An entire week went by,

Talking about what happened,

‘What if…’ they kept discussing,

It was their favourite prefix,

For those 7 days.

Each time a memory flashed,

He chuckled to himself.

A gentle reminder,

That it was neither lust,

Nor a fling.

Believe it or not,

Physical love,

Can be pure too,

Just like theirs.

He wanted to kiss her again,

As did she.

He wanted her back in his arms,

His beautiful princess,

The one who got his heart excited,

And the one who calmed it down.

The serenity of her face,

Made him go weak in the knees,

But she wasn’t his weakness,

She was his strength.

A confidant,

A soulmate,

But above all,

His best friend.

It’s raining today,

Just as it did,

That Saturday afternoon.

The sound of the rain,

Beating against the windowsill,

Brings back alluring memories,

Of that weekend.

Glimpses of her face,

Flash in his mind,

Her rosy lips,

Her warm embrace,

Her soft skin,

The pink on her cheek,

Each time she blushed,

When his lips brushed hers.

He missed her today,

Just like he did every day.

Life is a tricky thing,

Mysterious and strange,

Each day a blessing,

Offering many unexplored adventures.

He continued to miss her,

Every day, every moment.

All he craved was her,

A moment with her,

A second to cherish.

Many things remained unsaid,

Unspoken words,

And expressive eyes.

He wanted to make her happy,

Her smile, his reward,

Her laughter, his panacea.

Forgetting the future,

Leaving his worries behind,

He decided to not fret,

Over the distant future.

For now,

Let’s focus on the present,

Live every moment,

Love every day.

And with her,

It was possible,

If only for a moment,

Frozen in time.

Co-written by Hormaz Fatakia & Rukmani Krishna

Guest Writer Bio:

Hormaz Fatakia is an accidental business journalist who moonlights as a wannabe writer. He loves biryani and if you rub him the wrong way, beware of the mean streak that’s hidden away.

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    • For some reason, PDA is massively frowned upon and taboo. I don’t know if we’ll make much progress on that front in the near future, but we can always hope for the best 🙂 Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment 🙂

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