Beyond The Illusion

“It’s over!”

Remember when I said this?

It was a dark, melancholic night,

At the beginning of last April.


5 years I spent chasing you,

5 years I fought to have you,

But alas all that effort was in vain,

Because it didn’t matter, did it,

Until it was too late.


My friends were always apprehensive,

They felt something about you wasn’t right,

They tried to tell me you weren’t worth it,

They asked me to break it off.


I refuted, again and again,

I kept saying the same things,

You were a good guy,

You were sweet,

You were caring,

You were right for me.


I won’t deny all of this,

Because you still are a nice guy,

What I failed to realise is,

You were nice,

To everyone,

Except me.


Here’s the thing my dear friend,

You were wrong,

Far too many times,

You were wrong,

Even when you seemed right.


You broke my heart,

Multiple times,

You neglected me,

At many turns.


In spite of it all,

I stayed,

Again and again,

Because I believed,

You were it.


Such a silly thought,

An earnest, but false illusion,

To think you were the one,

When you were nowhere close.


My friends told me I deserved better,

They said you didn’t treat me right,

5 years later I’ve realised,

They were indeed right.


So goodbye my love,

This is it, I’m done.

Strike three,

No more chances,

You are done.


No actions,

No promises,

No claims of action,

Will change the way I feel.


I’m convinced,

You won’t change,

Not now,

Not tomorrow,

Maybe never,

But that’s okay.


I hope you realise,

One fine day,

How exhausting it is,

To fight for a man,

Who just doesn’t appreciate,

Your efforts,

All the things you do,

A man who’s always busy,


To speak over the phone,

To video chat,

Because he has better things to do.


In spite of it all,

My fondness still remains,

You are a part of my story,

Your memories will remain.

Before I forget,

Here’s a gentle reminder,

You can always claim,

A tiny part of my broken heart.


With that it’s time,

To make my exit,

Goodbye old friend,

Thank you for the memories.


And before I leave,

Here’s one last thing,

I want you to remember.


When your friends left,

I was there,

When hell broke loose,

I was there,

When you needed support,

I was there,

When you needed to vent,

I was there.


I was always there,

You just failed to notice,

Just like you never noticed me,

Standing in the middle of the crowd,

Waving and smiling,

While your eyes kept searching,

For another girl.



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