Seeking Clarity Amidst Chaos

It’s been six months since I quit my job and returned home. So far, it’s been an up and down ride.

On the positive front, I’m healthy and mostly free of illness, I’ve lost 10 kg since June, my bestie & I have become super close and I finally started this blog.

On the negative front, there were a lot of fights at home, depression struck again and my dad & I no longer speak to each other.

It has definitely been an interesting ride.

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​Love On My Mind

“Omnia vincit amor; Et nos cedamus amori – This Latin saying is among my favourite phrases. What does it mean? It roughly translates to, ‘Love conquers all; Let us too, yield to love.’

Love is that magical, mystical, warm, fuzzy feeling that many of us have experienced at least once in our lives. In fact, we are surrounded by love on a daily basis. From movies to books, quotes to poetry, photographs to letters, love overflows amidst us. 

I for one am a complete romantic. I love romantic movies; cue ‘A Walk To Remember’, ‘Kal Ho Na Ho’, ‘OK Kanmani’ and ‘Thattatin Marayathu.’ I swoon over those magical first kisses. I day dream about those perfect movie proposals. I even waltz alone to the soundtracks from these movies. 

In short, I’m a big fan of romance, even though I have none in my life.

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Musically Inclined 

Music is the strongest form of magic ~ Marilyn Manson 

I’ve always found comfort in two things – music and the ocean. 

There is no music more soothing to my ears than the symphony of waves crashing against the rocks. 

My love for the ocean is something that I’ve cherished since childhood. 
Another great love of my life is music. 

I’m a 90s child. I grew up blasting ‘Who let the dogs out‘, ‘Oops I did it again‘, ‘I want it that way‘ and ‘Made in India‘ on the stereo system. 

I fell in love with the melodies of Tamil & Hindi music of that era. 

Britney Spears was my favourite pop artist. I was also in love with boy bands, namely the Backstreet Boys and Blue. 

The nineties were an awesome musical era to grow up in. 

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