Reflections: The Year That Was 2016

It’s been a week since the new year began. So far, my life has been ok. There were a few hitches these last few days, but nothing too serious to derail the hope and positivity that I’m holding on to for 2017. 

Today, as I was resting and listening to some music, my mind began to drift off into memory lane. I found myself thinking back to 2016 and about all the events, both good and bad that happened. As I went through each memory, the one thing that struck me was how the year began and ended on a good note. However, the period in between was amongst the worst periods I’ve ever spent in my life. 

So, was 2016 a horrific year? No, it wasn’t. It was an ok year, one marred by scars, but healed by love. One where judgement was pushed aside for acceptance. It was a year where healing came in big bundles. 2016 was both the boon and bane of my existence and today, as I’m typing this down, all I feel is grateful for the lessons learnt and smiles shared. 

Here are the highlights of my life from this past year: 
1. On-air appearance 

January – February 2016 marked my debut and consequent reappearances on national television. A chance opportunity let me be a reporter on a few occasions and to this date, I cherish those memories because it taught me that opportunity is always just a knock away.

2. Appraisal 

As the financial year came to an end, the appraisal process began. Though it was tedious, I was a happy and grateful employee at the end of it. It also marked a milestone in my career – my first appraisal ever. 

3. Health Scare & Resignation 

Everything seemed normal with my health until June. It was during this month that I’d realised how badly I’d been hurting my body by neglecting it. 

Lack of exercise, eating out all the time and refusing to sleep for atleast 6 hours daily brought out the worst kind of health scare I’d ever had. PCOD, Psoriasis, Anemia, Hypothyroidism and Obesity all came crashing down on me. 

I was ashamed of myself, for the damage I’d caused to my body and for the price I had to pay. Eventually, after numerous medicines and doctor’s appointments, I decided to head back home for some much needed TLC. I submitted my resignation, served my 2 month notice and headed home. I was scared, but glad that I finally decided to make myself and my health a priority.

4. Homecoming

On October 3, 2016 I returned home. Unemployed, unhealthy and scared, I didn’t know what to expect. 3 months later, I realised it was the best decision of my life.

The last 3 months of 2016 turned out to be the best. Mom’s food turned out to be the antidote to my health woes. Cycling became a hobby as well as much needed exercise. Medication slowly decreased from 4 pills to a single pill. 

Today, I’m 9 kg lighter. I have a healthy haemoglobin count of 12.5. My Hypothyroidism has reduced substantially and the Psoriasis mark is gradually fading away. 

I’m healthy and happy. 

5. Friendship 

Last, but not least. My favourite highlight of the year – A colleague who turned out to the best friend a girl could ever have. 

These past 6 months, he has been there through all my problems, heartaches, breakdowns, joys, sadness, giggles and recovery. Not even once was he judgemental or irate or angry. He’s been patient with me, believed in me, comforted me, made me laugh and just been there through all those trying moments when someone else would’ve surely left. 

Hormaz, thank you, for being there when I was at my most vulnerable. Thank you for friendship, for understanding, for empathy, for everything. You’re the best! 

Goodbye 2016

So that was my year in a nutshell. Some bad moments, some good ones, but a huge learning curve.

How was 2016 for you? Let me know in the comments. 

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