Worry Is My Middle Name 

Worrying is like sitting in a rocking chair. It gives you something to do, but it will get you nowhere. 

I have anxiety. 

I am a control freak. 

I am conflicted all the time. 

I worry – about me, my mom, my friends, the universe. 

Infact, I should make ‘worry’ my middle name. 

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The Unfinished Story

My name is Rukmani and I’m 24 years old. I didn’t think I’d make it this far. 

The past 8 years of my life have been a roller coaster ride. 

I’ve laughed, cried, persevered, fought and lost hope. I even considered ending my life. 

For the longest time, I believed that I had nothing to offer this world. I was convinced that my existence was meaningless. 

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A Trip Down Nostalgia Lane

Home – The single most sweetest word in the English language, at least for me. For a large chunk of my life, home meant our tiny little apartment in Fort Kochi. I grew up here in a small apartment with my parents and grandmother.

My school was just a five-minute walk away. Mom and I used to walk to the grocery store and beauty parlour countless times. Dad used to take me to a restaurant named ‘Elite’ whenever he was around. At ‘Elite’ I used to munch on vegetable puffs, coffee, and ice cream.

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Goal Setting For 2017

Every New Year’s Eve I make resolutions that I never follow through. I guess that’s why I haven’t made a single resolution this year. 

Last night I was wondering whether it was possible to accomplish a new year resolution. The answer – maybe. 


So, will I be making any resolutions this year? No, I won’t. 

However, I have decided to set goals for myself. I’m not setting huge goals that I cannot accomplish. Instead, I’ll be focusing on smaller goals that can be conquered. 

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Reflections: The Year That Was 2016

It’s been a week since the new year began. So far, my life has been ok. There were a few hitches these last few days, but nothing too serious to derail the hope and positivity that I’m holding on to for 2017. 

Today, as I was resting and listening to some music, my mind began to drift off into memory lane. I found myself thinking back to 2016 and about all the events, both good and bad that happened. As I went through each memory, the one thing that struck me was how the year began and ended on a good note. However, the period in between was amongst the worst periods I’ve ever spent in my life. 

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